Frequently Asked Questions

What do I Need to Bring?
You need to bring, sunscreen, drinks, (water is a necessity,) water shoes, (i recommend you bring them just in case you need them.) Sunglasses, hat, and any food you would like to eat. You may bring a fishing rod, & tackle if you would like to use your own, I do however provide fishing rods and tackle.You may also bring any toys that the children would want to bring.

Do I need a fishing license?

No. You do not. I provide one for all on board.

Do I need to bring a cooler?

No, you don't need to bring a cooler. I have large coolers on board. However if you eat as much as I do , you might want to bring a cooler with you.

Will I get sea sick? Should I take sea sickness medicine?​

No you will not get sea sick. I promise. I rarely ever venture out into the ocean, where the motion is much different in the sound.If you take sea sickness medication, you may want to sleep the day away, so I advise against it. 

Will I be eaten by a shark?
We do have sharks in our waters, and they have been known to swim around,although I have yet to see one while out of my boat adventuring around. I have caught a few while fishing near the inlet. But, Lets hope not! so far no one has been eaten, bitten or chased around by any marine life at all. However, there have been a few encounters with blue crabs. The blue crab is usually more afraid of you than you are of him. If you see one, run and scream like a little girl, and he will do the same.

 Do I need to bring life jackets for the kids?

No you do not. I provide life jackets, they are coastguard approved. I even have some with their favorite Disney characters to make it more pleasant. Yes, the children ( under 12 ) must have on a life jacket while we are moving, There are no exceptions to this rule. If you cant get the life jacket on your child, I WILL! 

Do you provide snorkeling gear? 
No I do not. I tried to provide snorkeling gear but its kinda gross sharing a mouthpiece, so I decided not to provide any snorkeling gear except flippers, I do have flippers.There are several places on the Island that have inexpensive snorkeling sets. I do have some snorkles on the boat at all times, in the event you forget yours.